Welcome to the exciting world of Options Trading! The Hughes Optioneering® Team has over 60 years of combined trading experience and has taught thousands of people from all walks of life and backgrounds with no investing experience to trade options successfully.

The Team has found that just about anybody can learn to trade options as long as they understand the basics of options trading. And if you don’t understand options, then no problem . . . We have the resources to teach you what you need to know.

Real People . . . Real Trades . . . Real Profits
The Hughes Optioneering® Team “practices what they preach”. The Team is in the trenches every trading day successfully profiting from every type of market condition from severe bear markets to highly volatile, non-trending type markets.

Team member Chuck Hughes was awarded a total of 12 World Trading Championship trophies including eight first-place, three second-place and one third-place finish. The World Trading Championship is a highly competitive, real money trading contest in which competitors from around the globe display their trading skills trading real money. All profit results are audited by CPAs before being posted on the sponsor’s website.

309.1% Real Time Return Last Year Despite the difficult market conditions last year, Chuck had a 309.1% real time return trading the Optioneering™ strategies with a first-place finish in the trading contest. Chuck has more first place finishes in the trading contest than any other trader in the history of the competition.

We are showing you these real time profit results to build your confidence in the Optioneering® strategies. Because they really do work… and there is no reason they can’t work for you as well. We are showing you actual profit results so you can feel comfortable and confident that you are learning from someone who knows what they’re talking about!

$5.6 Million in Actual Profits

Our brokerage account statements show $5,693,276.69 in open and closed trade profits over the past ten years with an average return of 64.5%. There were 445 winning trades and 21 losing trades resulting in 95.4% accuracy.

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The Secret to Profiting in Any Type of Market Condition
The Hughes Optioneering® Team uses their Prime Trade Select system for selecting stocks and options with the best profit potential. Prime Trade Select allows you to find low risk entry point for your stock or option trade and has resulted in a high percentage of winning trades.

Once we have a profitable trade, we then create a spread to help lock in profits and provide downside protection in the event the underlying stock declines in price. Spreads with a long and short position allow us to profit in any type of market condition and help us avoid being stopped out of our position. Spreads can provide substantial returns in up or down markets.

Strategy for Profiting in Any Type of Market Condition
Step 1 Use Prime Trade Select to find low risk entry points for stock and option trades

Step 2 When you have a profit for your stock or option purchase, create a spread trade to lock in profits and provide downside protection in the event the underlying stock declines in price

Step 3 Roll over profitable positions at option expiration to compound returns and reduce cost basis and risk

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