Chuck Hughes started his trading career with a $4,600 trading account but his tax returns show he made $460,164 in profits his first two years of trading. These profits were more than Chuck made the previous six years as an airline pilot. Chuck is a seven time winner of the World Trading Championship and has more wins than any other trader in the history of the competition. The World Trading Championship is a real money trading contest and results are audited by CPAs before being posted on the sponsor’s website. Chuck took second place in the contest last year with a real time 339% annual return. The Hughes Optioneering strategies have produced over $7.2 million in actual stock and option profits over the past eight years which are documented in the Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners book. The Hughes Optioneering™ Team has a combined total of over 60 years of stock and option investing experience and more than 25 years of experience teaching investors how to trade successfully. The Team has taught thousands of people from all walks of life and backgrounds with no investing experience to trade the Optioneering strategies.

Chuck Hughes Biography

After graduating from college Chuck Hughes entered the US Air Force Pilot Training program. Chuck served six years on active duty as a pilot and six years in the Air Force Reserves. When Chuck completed his Air Force active duty tour, he got his dream job as an airline pilot flying for a major US airline. Chuck knew the airline industry was financially unstable with frequent bankruptcies, downsizings, layoffs and pension terminations. Chuck decided to develop a backup income source that he could depend on in the event he was laid off or his airline went bankrupt. As an airline pilot, Chuck had about 15 days off a month and decided to learn how to trade so he had a backup income source to supplement his airline salary. On his days off he read everything he could find on trading stocks and options and attended trading seminars. Chuck attended a Larry Williams trading seminar and learned how to trade stock indexes using systems. Trading fit in well with Chuck’s full time airline job as he could trade part time on his days off. He liked system trading and developed his own trend following system for trading stocks and options that he still uses today. With a young daughter, a son on the way and a large mortgage payment, Chuck had to start small with a $4,600 trading account. But his tax returns show that he made $460,164 in profits his first two years of trading. This was more than he made the previous six years as an airline pilot. Then the unthinkable happened. Chuck was diagnosed with an inner ear disorder that gave him vertigo. He was grounded from flying by the FAA. Although he lost his dream job, fortunately he was able to rely on his trading income to support his family. Copies of his brokerage account statements presented in his books show that Chuck’s stock and option strategies have generated over $6 million in actual profits. Chuck has won the prestigious World Trading Championship 7 times, more times than any other trader in the history of the competition. This is real money trading contest. All trading results are audited before being published on the sponsor’s website. Chuck resides on the Central Coast of California with his wife and six children and now trades full time. He is an avid tennis player and is a member of several USTA tennis teams. He also enjoys hiking in the mountains of Big Sur. Chuck has written numerous books including The Guaranteed Real Income Program, The Fail Safe Financial Program, Market Volatility Profit Secrets, The Wealth Building Formula, The Global PowerTrend System, The Wealth Creation Alliance Course, Stock Market Magic, The Wealth Building Business Course, Sure- Thing Profit Secrets, Weekly Option Winners and Ultra Safe Money Strategies.